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undeniably different.

About Us

Decor Cabinets manufactures custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, and specialty rooms, in homes across North America.

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Canadian Quality Since 1977

What We Do

Decor Cabinets manufactures custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, and specialty rooms, in homes across North America.

We create meaningful partnerships with Design Centres who offer our products to clients looking to achieve their dream homes. These dealers are passionate and genuine, going the extra mile to create stunning kitchen designs that function exactly how the homeowner needs them to. From kitchens for newly built homes to renovations in older properties, Decor cabinets can create something unique and stylish. 

Our product offering includes a wide range of finishes and door profiles, custom elements for personalization, and a variety of functional components.  

The benefit of custom cabinetry is that designers and homeowners alike can achieve almost any combination of colour and style. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are expanding our product offerings as design trends evolve. Decor Cabinets are made with quality timber, Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), and Painted HDF.  

It’s not what they’re made of that makes Decor Cabinets special, it’s the care and service that we pour into each project at every step of its creation. 

From the office staff processing orders to the production employees creating the cabinets themselves, there is an unmistakable positivity and pursuit of excellence that makes what we create undeniably different.  

The Difference is Decor

Undeniably Different

Historical Timeline

Highlighting Moments of Growth

Explore Decor’s timeline from when the company started over 40 years ago, until now. Throughout the years the company has reached many milestones of growth. Check out our history below. 


Community Involvement

Philanthropic endeavors are a core part of Decor culture. Non-profit involvement in our immediate circle of influence is accomplished through community projects and fundraising events supporting local charities. Unwavering integrity is felt throughout the company and our employees, who carry on this virtue in their own lives. We extend our efforts to the wider world by aiding organizations across the globe. 

“In creating our map for Decor, the destination must include making a profit and growing the business. We understand those “what” goals are necessary, but there is more to it. Our map is misleading if we don’t include the “why”. Our “why” is to make a difference.

Along the road to our destination, we want to build cabinets and make spaces that people love, but more than that, we want to change the world. First, we want to impact every person who works here. Then, we want to be a difference-maker in our community.

Finally, we want to use our resources to impact people in our province, our nation, and around the world. The road might not be straight. We want the freedom to listen, to live and learn, and to have a little fun along the way. We want to help those who need a helping hand. Generally, we want to do things differently. We will make a difference on the way to our destination.”

– Owners, Stan & Connie Pauls

Leave Behind More Than We Take

Environmental Commitment

Homeowners today are looking for products that align with their lifestyles and values, supporting organizations that work towards improving their environmental impact. Decor Cabinets continually reflects on how they can leave behind more than they take and has already made the following strides towards sustainability.

Decor Cabinets has signed the Climate Action Pledge, standing in favor of waste reduction and pollution prevention policies that support the need to address worsening climates around the world. Signing the Climate Action Pledge is a declaration of support and commitment to using our sphere of influence for advocacy and change.  

Learn more about Biz for Climate Pledge

Decor Cabinets is KCMA ESP certified and has met the 2023 certification requirements, which include a documented energy conservation program and support to local and global communities. 

Learn more about KCMA ESP Certified

Legislative Compliance.
Our HDF, Veneers, and other composite wood products are compliant under the Toxic Substance Control Act Title VI in the USA and Canada.

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