May 2023
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Our social life is usually one of the first things to go out the window when we get caught up in the responsibilities and priorities of day-to-day life.

This causes us to drift apart from friends and family. Luckily, there’s hope. If it’s been months or even years since you’ve talked to them, then it’s time to reconnect.


Choose 5 distant friends, parents, and relatives to reconnect with.

Give ‘em a Call

If you haven’t seen or talked to a friend or family member in a while, take the chance to reconnect with either a phone call or a video call.

If your relationship is long-distance, talk about those special experiences you shared that really bonded you together, even if they were ten years ago.

Bring back the moments that defined your friendship with a phone or video call because that’s as personal as it gets for long distances.

Engage on Social Media

Through social media, we can keep up with old friends on the surface level, but actually re-igniting a friendship takes a little more effort. 

You’ll need to engage with them more than just liking a post or two. 

An easy way is to leave genuine comments on their posts, reply to their stories, and send a DM to open up a conversation

Send a Quick Text

Don’t be afraid to send a quick text! You can start by saying hello, and asking them how they are. Let them know you are thinking about them, and possibly ask to get together.

For example, you could say something like, “Hey! This is [name]! How have you been? I was just thinking about when we [insert fond memory], and I can’t believe that was so long ago! I would love to catch up sometime soon if you’re available.”

Get Together

Ask your friend or a family member if they want to get together! 

Life moves quickly, so if you want to reconnect, just ask before more time passes by. Whether it’s by phone call, email, text, social media or any other medium.

Often, they will be glad you reached out and might’ve even thought of doing the same.

Work Through Conflict

If you have an unresolved conflict and thus haven’t spoken to your friend or family member in months or even years, make the first move!

Reach out to resolve the conflict. Take the first step toward building a trusting relationship again.

Clear the air and be open about why you’re reaching out in the first place.

If you want to put the past in the past for good, make sure to mention if you miss them or feel sorry for something you might have said or done before asking if they are interested in getting together again.

Send an Old Fashioned, Hand-Written Letter

You can show your friend how much you care by putting time and effort into writing them an old-fashioned, hand-written letter. 

Handwritten notes and letters are more meaningful than texts. In a letter, you can write down any cheesy thoughts or memories in a way that feels real and genuine

Turn the Ordinary
into Extraordinary
Unleash your curiosity.
Get out there and explore!
Let\’s Reflect
Why is it important?

Self-reflection is the key to self-awareness. It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. 

It is about questioning what you do and why you do it. Through this practice, you\’ll be able to look at yourself with newfound interest and curiosity.

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