July 2023
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The best part about these challenges is that you can customize them to your fitness levels. Easing back into workouts? Set yourself a 10-minute-a-day challenge. Want to refocus on your core? Try out a 30-day plank challenge. There really is something for everyone.


Try a fitness challenge

Aim for Lifestyle Change

They say you can create (or break) a habit in a month. The goal of starting a fitness challenge is to create new, healthy habits that will carry on after the challenge ends. The challenge provides a fun, a motivating program to jumpstart your fitness improvement – and track your success

Get Moving Outside

Sometimes we need a change of scenery to motivate us. Check your local parks, nature preserves, and self-guided trails to find new places to get some movement in. You can try outdoor activities like going swimming, riding your bike, or rock climbing. Nature is not only beautiful, but fresh air helps to boost your mood and increase energy levels, making your workout even better.

Invite a Workout Partner

You don’t have to do this alone! Find a friend, loved one, coworker, or coach to be your workout partner. Having the accountability of another person helps to keep both of you on track to finish your workout challenge. You can do the same challenge, or two different programs, whatever fits your individual skill and fitness levels.

Join a Workout Class

If a self-directed fitness challenge isn’t for you, join a workout class! These are often reoccurring events that you can sign up for in multiple. When you pre-pay for classes, you are likely to attend and get your money’s worth. This is a great opportunity to meet new people (who could be your future workout partner)!

Take Up a Sport

Working out can be boring or repetitive. If you don’t find traditional exercise fun, try taking up a sport. Check your local clubs and leagues for registration opportunities. There are often both competitive and non-competitive teams for every age group.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself reward checkpoints to further encourage you to the finish line. Maybe it’s a new pair of running shoes after the 30 days, getting a nice coffee after a week, or giving yourself guilt-free screen time after each workout. Ask your friends and family to give you encouragement and support as you start this project – they are your cheerleaders!

Turn the Ordinary
into Extraordinary
Unleash your curiosity.
Get out there and explore!
Let\’s Reflect
Why is it important?

Self-reflection is the key to self-awareness. It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. 

It is about questioning what you do and why you do it. Through this practice, you\’ll be able to look at yourself with newfound interest and curiosity.

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