January 2023
Hey you!

What about choosing a scenic route next time you are driving to work?


Create an adventure from a mundane routine

Give Up One Bad Habbit

You already know that one bad habit of yours that you REALLY need to break up with. It isn’t easy, but I also know that it can be done! At the end of the day, it’s only for 28 days so why not challenge yourself?

Take a Photo Day (or a 10 sec Video)

This challenge is really a great one to flex your creative muscle. 

Pick a different theme for each day, shoot the  same subject for 28 days (maybe in different locations), or shoot a quick 10 second video of what made this day special to you. After 28 days, you can make a video out of these photos and/or videos and see how exciting this month actually was. Because we tend to focus on what we haven’t done, but I urge you to start noticing how incredible even the most mundane day is.

But most importantly, have fun!

Follow a Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines play an important role in reducing late-night stress and anxiety — the kind of worrisome thoughts that keep you up at night. By following a bedtime routine, you can keep your mind focused on other tasks and encourage yourself to relax instead.

Not sure what to add to your night-time routine? Check out this article to get inspired.


Make a list

Make a list of tangible things that make you happy and do one thing from that list every day.

You can be intentional about seeking happiness. Make your happy list, and try to tick at least one thing on your list every day for the next 28 days.    

Track your Spending

Think of this as a first step towards creating financial discipline. Tracking your expenditures (and income) for a month will make you aware of your habits. Who knows, it might even tempt you out of your weekly Friday evening shopping haul!

Read 20 Pages a Day

Bonus points if you make it non-fiction!

Here is a list of the best books of 2022 by the New Yorker:


Turn the Ordinary
into Extraordinary
Unleash your curiosity.
Get out there and explore!
Let\’s Reflect
Why is it important?

Self-reflection is the key to self-awareness. It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. 

It is about questioning what you do and why you do it. Through this practice, you\’ll be able to look at yourself with newfound interest and curiosity.

Want to share your answers? It’s completely anonymous.





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